To deploy the Universal Campus infrastructure in your system, you need to configure and install the OpenSim server and a client viewer.

If you have not yet setup an OpenSim server instance then complete the Server Setup instructions first.

To get the client viewer functional proceed with the following:

Download Client

To sign into the OpenSim environment you must download and install the latest verion of one of the following viewers:

Account Creation

After a configured and installed OpenSim server instance is running, create a new user account from your Wifi web portal:

Then click "CREATE ACCOUNT", over to the right in the side menu.


After you install Imprudence/Hippo, try to login to the OpenSim environment:


After you login you should appear as a default avatar. If you are a floating cloud, that's OK too, just put some body parts & clothes on. You should see a selection of preset avatar displays near the flag pole. Click on the template display that you wish to look like and a folder of all the items will be copied to your inventory. Open your inventory and right click on each item and select "wear".

You may create custom folders and copy individual items into them to orginize your attire. This also enables you to mix and match items from different avatar presets to create a new look.

Audio Configuration

Make sure you have the following boxes checked:

Locate the voice feature, it should be the feature box with a button that says "Talk". This box is usually located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Within this feature box it should say "Local Chat" with a green background. If your feature box is greyed out, then most likely there is something wrong with your FreeSwitch/OpenSim configuration thus contact your server admin.