Universal Campus provides a downloadable infrastructure for organizing and deploying collaborative meetings, such as classes, research group meetings, and conferences in a virtual 3D world. The Universal Campus infrastructure consists of the virtual world and the avatars.

Virtual World

Universal Campus is scalable to accommodate any type of collaborative meeting. It consists of several buildings on a single island, however the virtual world can be freely modified by users.


View the Universal Campus video to preview the Univeral Campus 3D environment:


All rooms have a display that is capable of supporting images, videos, and slides.

Presentation room
Conference Room
Lecture Hall


Preset Avatars

There are 12 preset avatars. All of which can be modified by using the integrated avatar editor.

Custom Avatars

Customized avatars can be built from scratch, also by using the integrated avatar editor.

Communication Features

Local Chat

The local chat feature allows users to converse with other users within the same virtual room.

Voice Conference

The voice conference feature allows users to speak with multiple other users simultaneously.


Presentations, such as PowerPoint slides, images, and videos are viewable by utilizing the integrated display within each room.


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